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Most brides simply are not satisfied with only having pictures from their wedding day. One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry is completing a wedding bouquet preservation. Not only do you get to keep your flowers that you spent a good deal of money on, but you get to share the memories with actual artifacts from your wedding for many years to come. Natural Treasures specializes in wedding bouquet preservation. Let me properly preserve one of your most treasured pieces from your wedding.

Many people think that simply hanging your flowers upside down will dry them to preserve them longer. Although this is a common practice, within a short period of time the flowers will begin to crumble and fall apart. Let a professional handle the preservation for you. The fresher the flowers, the better they will preserve. If you find yourself in the Westminster, MD area, bring your floral arrangements into my shop and let me do my magic.

I have several different methods for wedding bouquet preservation. At Natural Treasures, I can use chemicals or freeze-dry your flowers. The process can take 3-6 weeks. By removing the moisture from the flowers, they may tend to shrink; but you will still be left with the beautiful colors in your bouquet. The type of flower may also determine the length of time it takes to preserve your bouquet. Roses and carnations are denser and take longer than an open flower like a lily or daisy.

Once your bouquet is preserved, we recommend keeping it in an enclosed location. You want to make sure they are kept from natural elements such as heat, cold, humidity and dust. Natural Treasures will be happy to help you create a design or enclosure that suits your taste. Whether you bring one in that matches your home décor or choose from one of my designs, I will be happy to assistance you.

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